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Secrets of the Tribe

a documentary that shows the ways in which anthropologists fuck shit up in other cultures, some carelessly unintentional and some blatantly intentional. it’s important because it shows the perspective and the feelings the Yanomamo have of Napoleon Chagnon (who they claim forced many young Yanomamo males to have sex with him during his “research”) and other anthropologists. very few anthropological books, films, etc. discuss how the members of the cultures being studied actually feel about being analyzed. 

it raises some interesting questions, though. such as, if another culture marries off and consummates marriages of young girls around age 13 or 14 (or younger), does this render a western male taking part in such any less of a pedophile? is it unethical for an anthropologist to have sex with his “informants” and research subjects? 

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yes this is so me, so true!


yes this is so me, so true!

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